scout is a RESTful search server written in Python with a focus on using lightweight components:

Scout aims to be a lightweight, RESTful search server in the spirit of [ElasticSearch](, powered by the SQLite full-text search extension. In addition to search, Scout can be used as a document database, supporting complex filtering operations. Arbitrary files can be attached to documents and downloaded through the REST API.

Scout is simple to use, simple to deploy and just works.


  • multiple search indexes present in a single database.

  • restful design for easy indexing and searching.

  • simple key-based authentication (optional).

  • lightweight, low resource utilization, minimal setup required.

  • store search content and arbitrary metadata.

  • attach files or BLOBs to indexed documents.

  • multiple result ranking algorithms, porter stemmer.

  • besides full-text search, perform complex filtering based on metadata values.

  • comprehensive unit-tests.

  • supports SQLite FTS4.

named in honor of the best dog ever,

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